Redesigning Presence Health Bariatrics

Primary Goals of Website: Improve overall usability of website and provide a clear, personalized channels into program



Design prior to changes



Keys Best Practices to implement

  • Use competitive keywords to increase overall search rankings
  • Create visual and text content that adheres responsive designs
  • Optimize user experience for target audience and their devices*

Data from Google Analytics

  • Overall 11% increase year over year of mobile users,
    at an average 3 hours more per user
  • 82% - 97% of users from ages 18 - 54 are multi-device internet users



New responsive redesign



Best Practices for Landing Pages

  • Short, sweet and uncluttered - Content should offer all the necessary information, but not so much as to overwhelm the visitor.
  • High-quality content - The page should provide rich, useful relevent content. Confident copy inspires trust.
  • Follow the yellow-brick road - Landing pages should limit exits points and lead user through their journey
  • Be Clean - Pages should have clear, crisp design, obvious navigation and interactions that are useful (not distractions).



Mobile Optimization

  • Improve site structure including headlines, menu and breadcrumb placement.
  • Replace doctors image with call to action slideimages that can relate to users and direct them to information.
  • Reduce scrolling by editing copy and reorganizing content.
  • Increased hyperlinks for easy mobile navigation.
  • Improved guiding users to featured product.
  • Made phone a button and moved to top (before scroll).
  • Redesigned form to match design standards
  • Leveraged Bootstrap to remove/replace and improve sidebarinfo for mobile.